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    Pie chart from weight vector



      I am new to quickSense and I am experiencing some problems with my first project. I think it probably related to my data structure. The input data is a simple Excel Sheet with time series data that looks as follows:


      DateValue 1Value 2Weight 1Weight 2Weight 3...


      All Columns are imported as fields


      I have already a line plot with dimension date and measure value 1 und value 2.


      Now I want to add a PI-Chart that shows the average weights over the selected time period in the line chart.

      Further Plots of the data should then occur only on this row-wise selection of the corresponding date.

      If multiple lines are selected I want to average over the rows.


      How do I have to choose the dimensions and measures to reflect that the data actually comes from different columns.


      In a matlab syntax this would look like this:


      idx = idxDatesSelected %row index of the selected columns

      data2plot = mean([Weight1(idx) Weight2(idx) Weight3(idx)],1)



      Thanks for your help!


      Update (12/04/2017)

      Project and data appended.

      Matlab Mockup Plot appended.