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    QlikSense login from local server using DNS redirect (SSL-cert)

    Gustav Gager


      I have seen this issue on two diffrent customers now and i was hoping that someone could help me identify the problem.


      In both cases I have a server that works fine using the internal name and localhost. However theese customers dont want to use the self-signed cert so i got a working SSL cert that basicly works for all subdomains of a specific name. Like this "*.customername.se". To get this working you need to add a DNS-record to get a URL that will work with the cert (ex: https://qliksense.customername.se). This works fine and everythin, except when you are on the local server. If i use the servername (that worked befor with the self-signed cert) i get a cert-error (fine). However if i try to use https://qliksense.customername.se i get the Windows Authentication screen and it asks me to add a usename and password, but it wont take my credentials. If i use the servername and localhost, it works fine. If i connect from another server, it also works.


      The problem here is that i have an application running locally on the server and it wornt connect to the QRS-API unless the certificate is valid. Witch means that i need to use the https://qliksense.customer.se name. But that way i cannot authenticate from the server.


      Anyone seen this? Or anyone have any ideas?