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    Problems Implementing MultiVariate Measures

    Chris Kelley

      I have a standard data model that takes all observations of scientific measurement values in a single large table. Here is a subset:


          quantity AS [QUANTITY NAME],

          unit AS [UNIT NAME],

          measurement_value AS [MEASUREMENT VALUE],


      Now, quantity name may include many dimensional values:


      electric flux (flux of displacement)

      quantity of electricity

      angular frequency

      gyromagnetic coefficient

      angular repetency

      angular wavenumber

      attenuation coefficient

      gyromagnetic ratio


      The quantity name has a corresponding one or more units. This may include, for example:


      ampere second

      ampere second


      ampere square metre per joule second

      radian per metre

      radian per metre

      reciprocal metre

      ampere square metre per joule second


      For each measurement, and there may be billions of rows, the actual measured numerical value is stored in [MEASUREMENT VALUE]  - for instance, a row may look like:


      electric flux (flux of displacement)ampere second1.232324
      quantity of electricityampere second.0000999988888
      angular repetencyradian per metre121.56434566


      Now, while this is wildly efficient, it raises an issue when using Sense. I have many dimensions, but only one measurement to plot. Hence, its not obvious how to plot or compare multiple measurements (multivariate charting and reporting).


      Hence, I want to chart  quantity of electricity as expressed as  ampere second  and also show the relationship to  electric flux (flux of displacement) as expressed as  ampere second. In a perfect, though much less efficient world, I would have a single column, not row, for each combination of quantity and unit name, and the rows would be the values. Then I would have very clear measurements and Sense would be smiling all the way to the UI. However, I have up to 10,000 different classifications of measurements, and no database is going to store some 10,000 columns with billions of rows.


      So, the question is: how do I plot a multivariate chart when the data is in this format, without overburdening the user with manual work?