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    Custom Fuction Issue


      Here My scenario is Create Custom Fuction to show values in Crores,Lacs,Thousands etc for that purpose


      I Have Been Created One Variable in Script Level i.e


      SET FormatNumber=Dual(

          if($1>=10000000,num($1/10000000,'₹ ##.##Cr'),

      if($1>=100000,num($1/100000,'₹ ##.##L'),

      if($1>=1000,num($1/1000,'₹ ##.##K'),

      $1))) ,$1);


      I Have Been Created One Variable in Frontend i.e  vCondition this variable contains expression like below


      if(Measures='Clients Traded (Unique)',$(vUniqueClientsTraded),
      if(Measures='Volume (Cr)',$(vTotalVolume),
      if(Measures='Brokerage in Lacs (Gross)',$(vBrokerage),
      if(Measures='No. of Trading Days',$(vNoftradingdays),
      if(Measures='Avg. brokerage per client',$(vAvgClientBrokerage),
      if(Measures='Avg. daily login',$(vAvgDailyLogins),
      if(Measures='Avg. daily brokerage',$(vAvgDailyBrokerage),
      if(Measures='Avg. daily volume',$(vAvgDailyVolume)


      here I am passing vCondition as a parameter to FormatNumber like below



      But I unable to get the expected result .

      Hello Qlik Experts,

      Please provide me the correct solution to overcome the above problem.