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    Trouble with Point layer

    Alexis Hadjisoteriou


      I have a very simple data set comprising of a set of addresses/properties which I want to show on a map (for a real estate application).

      I'm working on 2 data files:


      1) Properties:



      2) Geo-data:


      As you can see the "geo" data comprises of Latitude and Longitude sets for post codes that belong to an  "Area" that belongs to a "Town"


      When I load into Qlik Sense, it recognises the towns and country and automatically generates code for mapping the towns which is not what I want - I want to show properties in the "Area" they belong and not the city. I tried creating a GeoPoint using "MakeGeoPoint" but the application seems to lose the decimal points in the latitude and longitude (35.091.320 becomes 35091320) which maps nowhere of course.


      I attach the Qlik Sense qvf along with the 2 Excel files in the hope that someone can point me to the right direction.

      Thank you in advance