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    Subtract agregation from two dimensions

    Sergio Ruiz



      I'm very new to qlik and I'm struggling with the desktop version to analyze our helpdesk ticketing tool. I'm trying to draw the evolution of our backlog (tickets opened - ticket closed by month).


      I have two dimensions: creation date (per month) and closed date (per month). I'm playing with to tables.


      The first one has:

      - Dimension= opened date

      - Measure= rangesum(above(count(ID),0,rowno()))


      The second one has:

      - Dimension =closed date

      - Measure=rangesum(above(count(ID),0,rowno()))


      But I don't know how to put it together in order to have cumulative opened - cumulative closed, I don't know how to play it in the same table/chart in order to subtract the two values.


      Could you please help me on it?


      Thank you!