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    Rank on multiple dimension

    Krutika Tembharey

      Hi All,


      I have a straight table which ranks Top 10 products based on their sales, for products with equal sales I get same rank. When the ranks are same I want to rank those products based on their market sales.

      I have the below table,


      For example , Products P1,P2 and P5 have same rank 9, now I want to rank them 7,8 and 9 based on their market volume.


      I am using the below expression,


      If(Aggr(Num(Rank(Sum (Volume))),Product) = Aggr(Num(Rank(Sum (Volume))),Product),

      Aggr(Num(Rank(Sum (Volume),4,1)),Market,Product),

      Aggr(Num(Rank(Sum (Volume),4,1)),Product))


      Which gives me the below result,


      As you can see here, I get discontinuous rank.

      Here the expression ranks the products based on their market volume but again starts the ranking from 1.

      I want to keep my interactive sort active so as the user can understand how the sorting is taking place here and need a continuous ranking on the products.


      Can someone suggest a solution on how can I achieve this scenario?