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    Calcul average per month

    Zied Ahmed

      Hello i need to calculate average of actif car per month :

      i used a QVD who stock a field  named actif need to historise it everyday to know if the car is actif or not (if this field =1 it will be actif for this date)

      in the end of the month i need to calculate the ratio between all car and the actif one per month and this is the QVD used :

      //  QVD_actif:



      //  LOAD * FROM [C:\Users\administrateur.VECTORYS\Desktop\QVD\TestQVDgenerator\qvdtest\QVD_actif.qvd] (qvd) ;/

      // Concatenate:

      // LOAD

      //     * WHERE  "date"= Today()

      //      ;

          // SELECT




      // FROM Database.table



      // ;

      // // ////*********store QVD**************


      //  STORE [QVD_actif] into [$(vQvdPath)\QVD_actif.qvd](qvd);