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    Next Page Pagination with Qlik Sense REST Connectors

    Flemming Andersen



      Anyone can tell me how I can put the data below into the Qlik Sense REST Connector Pagination so that I get 1224 records?


      Currently I only get 1000.


        "metaData": {},
        "pagination": {
          "maxPageSizeAllowed": 1000,
          "skipPages": 0,
          "pageSize": 1000,
          "results": 1224,
          "resultsWithoutFilter": 1224,
          "firstPage": "https://restapi.e-conomic.com/invoices/booked?skippages=0&pagesize=1000",
          "nextPage": "https://restapi.e-conomic.com/invoices/booked?skippages=1&pagesize=1000",
          "lastPage": "https://restapi.e-conomic.com/invoices/booked?skippages=1&pagesize=1000"
        "self": "https://restapi.e-conomic.com/invoices/booked?skippages=0&pagesize=1000"

      pagination Qlik Sense.PNG


      My current selections are not working.


      Thanx a lot!!