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    Auto-generate Reload Error on QlikView 11

    karabo Calvin Thari

      Good Day all,
      Still finding my way with Qlik and I am getting the below error when trying to reload my application.

      Below is an extract of a log file,

      Firstly thought its a source issue as they might be null values in one of my tables but reload is still failing so i need a few pointers on where to look.


      'TP029-7' As [PROMOTION_KEY],

      Num(Date(Date#(20170415,'YYYYMMDD') + RowNo() -1 - 0,'YYYYMMDD')) As [EVENT_DATE],

      Date(Date#(20170415,'YYYYMMDD') + RowNo() -1 - 0,'YYYYMMDD') As [EVENT_DATE_ORIG],

      'E' As [EVENT_DATE_TYPE]

      AutoGenerate (zPromoDuration + 1)Information             2017/04/12 13:16:53:               Error: Script line error:

      General Script Error

      Execution Failed

      Execution finished.