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    Qliksense desktop versus Microstrategy Desktop

    vyacheslav guzanov

      Hi everyone,


      just wanted to check with experts.


      I need to know the difference between desktop versions of Qliksense and Microstrategy.

      Not server side, administration, etc.

      Only the desktop tools, which are both free (similar to Microsoft Power BI, but unlike the Tableau).


      I played with MSRT desktop.

      Could not find even the basic stuff, which I use in Qliksense -

      1) data wrangling/scrubbing is only drag-and-drop (better, than in Tableau) but still could not find any scripting.

      2) Set analysis?

      3) Storage and reusage of optmimized datasets (qvd).


      It could be the case, that similar to Qliksense functionality is available, but only in server-based products - could not find anything in their desktop.