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    Aggr() creating slightly incorrect results

    Philip Zeiser

      I am trying to count the number of jobs my company runs in a given year. We use the same job number over multiple days (or weeks), so I only want to count each job number the for the first date it was used. I have successfully done this in the data load script, but I am getting slightly incorrect results using the Aggr() function. Here is what I am doing and the results.


      Data Load:


      LOAD JobDate,

          Year(JobDate) AS JobYear,

          Text(Month(JobDate))&'-'&Text(Year(JobDate)) AS JobMonthYear,


      SQL SELECT JobDate,


      FROM prProdControl

      WHERE JobDate >= '2010-01-01';




          Text(Month(MinJobDate))&'-'&Text(Year(MinJobDate)) AS JobMonthYear,

          Count(JobNo) AS JobCount

      Group By Text(Month(MinJobDate))&'-'&Text(Year(MinJobDate));



          Min(JobDate) AS MinJobDate,


      Resident ProductionData

      Group By JobNo;




      As you can see, the total counts are the same, but there are small differences. I have verified externally that the Sum(JobCount) results are correct. I have tried everything I can think of and I can't find where these variances are coming from. Thanks in advance.