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    Nprinting: Not sending email reports to entire group

    Sujeet Shirude

      Hi All,


      We have an Nprinting 17.3 report pulling data from Qlik Sense(3.1).  We have a task setup for a group of 50 users but some of the users are not receiving the Nprinting email reports. They received in the beginning but have stopped since the last two weeks. We haven't made any changes to the environment. I checked the user level filter and it is fine. I asked the user to check their Junkmail but its not there. When i check the task Execution log, it is successful for the Group.


      1. What could be the issue?
      2. What are some of other settings/things I need to check?
      3. Is there a User level delivery report(Delivered/Failed) as at the Group/Task level it shows successful?


      Any insights on the same are appreciated. Thank you!



      Sujeet Shirude