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    Multiple Expressions QLik Sense

    Mike Beukes

      Very new to Qlik Sense and basically still evaluating if this is the product for our company.


      I have been trying to see if the pie cart in the image is possible. Any ideas on how to do this with Qlik Sense?

      The Pie chart represents a summary of accounting age analysis by AGE of our clients by "partner" who's client it is. (Represented as a percentage of total amount outstanding)


      The database has the following fields:
      partner ID

      client ID

      d0 (Total amount in current for this client)

      d30 (Total amount in 30 days for this client)

      d60 (Total amount in 60 days for this client)

      d90 (Total amount in 90 days for this client)

      d120 (Total amount in 120 days for this client)
      d150 (Total amount in 150 days for this client)

      d180 (Total amount in 180 days for this client)


      I just cannot seem to get this right with Qlik Sense pie chart. I have tried via a pivot, but you cannot get Qlik sense to do a pie chart based of that pivot results?


      Is there a way to do this with maybe special expression or some code?