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    Some queries about Nprinting 17 ?

    Narender Makhija

      Hi Team,


      I am new in NPrinting 17. I have created Qlikview report in qlikview17.Now I want to schedule the jobs to send created QlikView reports.

      I saw the help of NPrinting but still some confusion.


      1) I have installed all 3 set up of NPrinting(NP Engine, NP server, NP Designer) on the same server where QV desktop and server installed.

      Is it ok?


      2) https://YourServer:4993 is used for QV reports scheduling or designing?


      3) During the creation of connection in https://YourServer:4993, I saw this point "at least one Qlik NPrinting Engine active".

      How I can check NPrinting Engine active or not"? In window services, Nrpinting engine is in running mode.

      4) I am not able to create the connection . it is showing this message "Something went wrong with current operation"

      I am not using session access so I did not give username and password under create connection window.

      5)  I have installed NPrinting setup using window user credentiaI which has the administrative right of a domain user.Is it ok?

      Please give your feedback.