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    Donut chart

    janardhan reddy

      Hi Friends


      In Qliksense i have created one donut chart in that tool tip has showing values like Share , i want to hide Share value.


      Is it possible to hide ,please find the attachement


      Pls help on this.



      Thanks in AdvanceQlik_Sense_Desktop.png

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          kiran ch

          Hi Janardhan,

          Is it an extension or regular chart

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            omar bensalem

            Unfortunately, we can't specifiy what we wanna see in Qlik Sense's tooltip


            This needs to change in future releases to be able to have the choice of what to show in a chart'tooltip .

            mto, I hope I'm not bothering you; but please take into considerations theses remarks; as qlikers, we want Qlik Sense to be and become, by far, the best product in the market !

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                Michael Tarallo

                Hi Omar - not a bother at all - I push all the feedback to the products group. :-)

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                    omar bensalem

                    Thank you mto for your collaboration,


                    I really appreciate working with Qlik Sense rather then with QlikView; It's made things much more easier. Building the same application, with the same functionnalities will take hugely less time with Qlik Sense. BUT, so much features are NEEDED and must be added to the Qlik Sense in its future releases.

                    1)An orizantal cursor in tables.

                    2)The possibilty to add images within a table, (info bundle load..)

                    3)Dynamic Labels (add the FX in all of the Labels)

                    4) Combining master measures; possibility to call more then a master measure (MasterMeasure1+MasterMeasure2 in the same measure)

                    5) Conditional Expressions / not only charts.

                    6) Add a Button chart , with possibility to navigate btwn sheets and perform actions (select bookmark, select field, variables etc)(like the extension navigation sheet)

                    7) Add native connexions (without the need to go the partner connexions portal to download them..)

                    8) add the possiblity to choose what to have in the tooltip

                    9) add a default object 'Entry Field' in which we can edit a variable.

                    Something like this :


                    10) The possibilty to have selection BY DEFAULT (even by expression); example, select max(Date) everytime I open the app. (we were doing this using triggers in QlikView)

                    11) Add a CALENDAR OBJECT without the need to import range date extension or build our own with qWidget.. It's not that easy, especially when we want Qlik Sense to be accessible for simple users?

                    12) Add the COLORMIX wizard

                    I know that extensions are there to do so; but not all customers want to work with extensions; (luck of faith).

                    AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, find a way to FACILITATE the build of a security rule which is REALLY DIFFICULT since you have to disable the by default rules, build another one that does pretty much the same thing then building your new rule(which is not a simple task). Imagine if we have to build 10 new rules that depends on disabling existing rules.. I'm certified at Qlik Sense Administrator and still find SO MANY DIFFICULTIES handling security rules..

                    Hope you'll exceed my wildest thoughts !

                    Thanks again,
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                      janardhan reddy

                      Hi Michael ,


                      we found some more issues in qliksense when we are implementing for our project. Can i create a separate thread on those issues? or how can i share those issues with you?