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    Windows 10: Excel Export Icon Missing (+ No scrolling) ?

    Jarrell Dunson



      We just setup a Windows 10 laptop last week....  Now, in viewing Qlikview tables through the Ajax web client (whether Chrome or Firefox)....there are two issues:  a) the Export to Excel icon doesn't show up in  caption headers ; b)  the user can't use the right scroll bar to scroll down through a Straight Table chart.


      I've googled ...and not found much...

      -- DDE: I don't think it is the DDE setting [on post read: "Go to Options -> Advanced Scroll down to 'General' and make sure there is not a tick against the entry mentioning the DDE Connection. (Dynamic Data Exchange)."] ...the box was unchecked.

      -- A QV administrator  logged into the laptop (with the same results)... so not login related.  The user also could log into another workstation, and everything was fine...

      -- I also tried clearing the browser cache... [do I need to flush the server cache?]


      - We have QV 11.20. SR 12