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    BI tool, not Qlik - choice in 2017

    vyacheslav guzanov

      Hello everyone,


      I work a lot with Qliksense and love the product.


      The question, though, what 2nd best product to Qliksense you would choose, if your organization does not allow/or not willing to pay for the license?


      I checked typical contenders, like Tableau, Microstrategy, Microsoft Power BI (even sql based stuff, like Chartio and Periscope and data scrubbing stuff, like Trifacta)


      (by the way, there is a good option to check the popularity of some technology - just to Udemy or Quora and count hits via Google or internal search).


      The closest I've if Microsoft Power BI.

      Pros - works very well with Excel, SQL server, has good cloud side, enterprise gateway, even R integration, real-time (sensor) integration, etc.  Ecosystem is huge.

      Cons - does not have the server option (only cloud), slowish compared to Qlik (i don't understand why, both work in RAM using columnar database, as I understand). Very sluggish performance and UI is bloated/distracting (personal feeling).


      Tableau has great sleek UI, but every step from perfect dataset or drag-and-drop analytics - you need additional tooling. In any case, its popularity is astonishing.