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    Modifications to the Governance Dashboard

    John Repucci

      Does anyone modify their instance of Governance Dashboard?


      Today I added the below sheet to show who is using which applications and how much they are using it. (still needs some work)


      My next addition will be to show Sheet usage.  (How often are the sheets being accessed, along with who.  If I can get the data, it would be nice to show the duration on each sheet as well.)  We will be using that to trim functionality where appropriate. 


      So far I'm managed to do this without touching the code.  I've looked a bit at the code and it looks complicated.  The table view is non-trivial.


      In the future I plan to define a set of application as "production" and everything else as non-prod.  I tried using "CategoryName" but that did not link well to the docNames.


      I also would like to remove the company name from the auth_Users field.  While I could do that in the charts with a split, it is more efficient to that in the script.



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          Tyler Waterfall

          Sounds like fun!

          I think your best bet on "time spent on a sheet" would be to use Peek() in the load script for the audit file. Check that you are in the same session and see if you can compare timestamps. Yes, it is complicated scripting, sorry - history and log complexity forced me down that path.

          Be sure to remove your QVGD QVDs before reload - or, at least, change the "version" variable in the first part of the load script, which will change the QVGD QVD names.


          Category is from QVPR and is set in the reload task in QMC.


          User name without user-directory, I think you should use subfield() in the load script.


          And, seeing you are 2.0.1, I recommend using (and modifying) the latest beta version 2.0.3 (attached).

          If you really wanted to protect yourself from product releases / upgrades which require re-modifying load script, you might consider how much you can do with the PostScript option. You can reload tables using RESIDENT load and make updates as desired in a separate load script file which executes at the end. See

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              John Repucci

              Hi Tyler,

              Thanks for the response and support.  Modifying the app has been fun.


              Moving from version to version is complicated by my having to add one tab (so far) and making modifications to the rest of the tabs to add the appropriate button. 


              User name:  I used this as one of the dimensions to strip off the company name.  Not a large overhead as we have less than 100 users at the moment.  This was easier than changing the script.

                   =SubField(Authenticated_User, '\', -1)


              Sheet usage:  Your hint about the Audit table was very helpful.  I was able to get the sheet usage counts from that.  I have not attempted to get the sheet duration as yet.

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                John Repucci

                As suggested, I converted to "v2.0.3"


                - After my first reload of v203, the version said 2.0.2.  After I reloaded a 2nd time, the version showed as 2.0.3.

                - The first time I reloaded, some of my custom bar charts were giving odd results.  I noticed that the .qvd's were very small and I decided to reload again and this time my custom charts were fully populated and looked correct.