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    variable update issue

    Patrick routier



      in the script below I capture the name of the file which is put in the field 'NomDeFichier' <== this works fine

      after I tried to put the part 'W201712' in the variable 'vNameQvd' with out success. the function SubField(NomDeFichier,'_',7) work properly.

      My ONLY problem after a lot of trials I cannot put the result of my function Subfield :-( maybe it's a syntax issue ?

      Please I need help !!!!

      Load Distinct ToCheck, filebasename( ) as NomDeFichier
      from [C:\xxxxxxxx\Not_found_in_EDA_FT_MCD_W201712.csv];
      LET vNameQvd = SubField(NomDeFichier,'_',7); // <== doesn't work !!!!
      store BO into BOvsEDA_$(vNameQvd).qvd (qvd); 


      thank you in advance