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    Need help inQlikview, adding comments to fields in tables, using script

    Karyn Roark

      I am new to Qlikview, and I am working on my first data model.  I am trying to attach comments to my field names so that in the Table View, when you hover over a field, you see my comment.  I can get Qlikview to add the comments when I add  a line like:

      COMMENT FIELD [%Player ID] WITH 'Unique player identifier';

      in my script.


      However, I have lots of fields so I wanted to use the mapping capability, and put the field and comments in an Excel file, which I did.  I then loaded the mapping file with the following statement:


      MAPPING LOAD FieldName,




      (biff, embedded labels, table is Fields$);


      This file currently contains the fieldname that I have after the as statement ( as [%Player ID]).  I tried using the original fieldname that was in the Excel file before the AS and it didn't work.  I put the mapping statement in a tab before I used it.


      Then, after the statements to load the table, I put in the statement:

      COMMENT FIELDS USING Map_Field_Comments;

      But I do not get any comments in the Table View when I hover, as I did when I loaded each comment separately. I tried putting the mapping statement in the same tab as where I load the table. I tried the statement above loading the table and, separately after loading the table.  I tried every combination where to put the statements, and I can't get it to work.  I tried looking to see if others had issues with this, and couldn't find anything.  Any suggestions?  Do I need to set anything?


      Thank you,

      Karyn Roark