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    Color Scheme in pivot table

    swati moku


      I want to apply colors on a range in pivot table, I have used 1 dimension and 1 measure. In measure I have applied a condition where I want to see only outstanding more than 3L and used the following expression



      Now, I want  background-color to each range i.e. 3l-5l: green 5l-8l:blue and 8L> red

      but when i am appling the condition the values which are below 3l are also visible which i dont want.

      I have used the following expression :

      if(Outstanding>=300000 and Outstanding<=500000,Green(),

      if( Outstanding>500000 and Outstanding<=800000,Blue(),

      if(Outstanding>800000 ,red(),Null())))



      Please help me out with this.

      Thank you