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    How to create a map object using city info

    Celine Xu

      Hi, I am new to Qlik sense, and tried to find the video online regarding the how to create map objective but can not find the fit one. Any one can help me with this.


      Attached the data file.

      1. I have Swedish city names but do not have longitude or latitude  

      2. want to create 2 maps, showing in a specific month(plan to use filter as month here)

          2.1 the map for showing the number (using the size of the bubble) of customers

          2.3 the map showing the Rev (Size of the bubble)


      3. I also have MUNCPLTY data,  how to create the \drill/down\ map, showing Muncplty info first as I showed in 2 and can drill down in to city


      Thank you so much!

      and Also want to know more about the map object creating, any link can provide more info, would like to have!


      Thank you so much!!