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    Reset dimension(QlikView)

    Ryan Wang

      Hi Guys,

      There is a requirement about dimension, for example:

      if (dimension1='abc','link-abc',dimension1).

      "link-abc" is from excel, so I want maintain the "link-abc" by excel, can I achieve this requirement?


      Many Thanks

      Ryan Wang

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          Shiva Nagesh

          Can you please be more specific, with a screenshot if possible.

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            Karunpreet Soni

            Hi Ryan,


            As per my understanding of your requirement, you can use the below expression


            if ( Match(Dimension1, 'abc'), 'link-abc', Dimension1)      AS NewDimension


            or else if you want 'link-abc' to be coming from excel, then you can store this value in  a variable (supposedly: vExcelLink) and change the expression to ,


            if ( Match(Dimension1, 'abc'), '$(vExcelLink)', Dimension1)      AS NewDimension

            Please do let me know for any concerns on the same.