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    qlik sense - setting the totals in Pivot Table rows

    Kevin BertschAn

      In QlikView, I know how to set the formula for the totals row in a pivot table as the expression, or sum of rows, etc.


      In QlikSense, it defaults to "total", which I assume is the total for the expression. However, in my case, I want it to be sum of rows.

      When I click on the "Presentation" icon, I get this:


      However, when I click on the slider, I get this:



      The "Position" drop down doesn't drop down, and I can only change the label, not the data.


      My rows are Qty, Cost, Extended Cost


      my formula are sum(ItemQty), sum(ItemCost), and sum(ItemQty)*Sum(ItemCost). They are fine, except in the

      total fields, where the displayed total is clearly incorrect:



      Clearly, the "Extended Cost" is not equal to the sum of Qty (13563) x the sum of all ItemCosts ($498k).

      I want the sum of rows for the Ext Cost to appear. Is this possible?