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    Qlikview EDX / Open API Task Triggering

    Jeremy Schmitt

      Continuing the trend of not being able to receive help from Qlik Support, I turn once again to the great Qlik Community.


      We are trying to kick off a task via the EDX trigger in Management Console. We have found and read quite a bit on the EDX triggering, but cannot put everything together in order to make it work. We have tried using a scheduling tool called JAMS to run some VB script and kick off the task form the server. What it was trying to do was open the actual Developer app, reload the report, and save it, but we get the "This Qlikview doc was created by another Personal Edition User" and gives us the option to recover...


      We would of course prefer to kick off the task itself within the Qlikview MC. We have set a task to reload "on external event", set a password, but need to figure out how to call this task. What code can we use, do we add commands in the report script itself? What command line prompt have others used? Has anyone used JAMS scheduler to execute a command in the MC?


      Any suggestions or help with walking through this would be greatly appreciated.

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          Paul Routledge

          There is a technical discussion/ introduction to the EDX interface here Using EDX in QlikView 11 - basic example


          But there is a community ready prepared working example here QMSEDX Enhanced thanks to @DavidVasseur


          This will provide you with an EXE file that you can run, often on your server, or even on your PC, to trigger a QMC task.


          Note that the Active Directory account executing this utllity has to have the appropriate privilege to do so. They have to be a member of the "QlikView EDX" local group on the server that hosts the QMS.


          The error you are experiencing  "This Qlikview doc was created by another Personal Edition User" is because the user execution your script and calling qv.exe does not have QlikView licensed to that user or the document you are trying to open was created by a user that does not have their qv.exe licensed.


          EDX does not call qv.exe but the document that EDX is trying to refresh must be created by a licensed user.