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    Root admin access

    Catalin Plitea



      1. Is it possible for a root admin to restrict his own access to a stream or an app? That is, he will create a stream, he will upload an app to that stream, but then he will not be able to access that app in the Hub. How would he do that ?


      2. Is it possible for a root admin to restrict the access of another root admin to a stream or an app ?


      Both questions are in the context of sensitive data which must be seen only by a few people, none of them being root admin, or having knowledge about the QMC.

      Or is there another way to approach this situation?


      Thank you !

        • Re: Root admin access
          Onno van Knotsenburg

          1: No.

          2: No.


          In Qlik Sense 1.0 it was possible for the Root Admin to make change to the Root Admin rule and as a result lock himself out. That kinda defies the whole idea behind a root admin; "he/she with all access". We got a lot of complains of people accidentally doing this, locking themselves out of the QMC and ending up doing a shift-delete and a full reinstall. So this was fixed in QS 1.1.


          I am not a legal expert, but I would make sure the root admin has signed all related privacy statements and contracts.