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    YoY Analysis in Bar Chart

    Dave Melillo

      I have a field called Opp Create Year


      I want to make a bar chart that shows a bar for $$ each month in 2017, with another bar next to each month for the same period in 2016


      I put a sample below of what I was able to put together. I have two expressions in the chart:


      =sum({<[Upsell ARR (converted)]={">0"}, [Opp Created Year] = {'2017'}>}[Upsell ARR (converted)])


      =sum({<[Upsell ARR (converted)]={">0"}, [Opp Created Year] = {'2016'}>}[Upsell ARR (converted)])


      I am close but this is not what I want. I would like to see the January 2016 bar next to the January 2017 bar and so on ..


      Any help is appreciated!