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    App-Size of a shared Cloud-Plus-App for Cloud-Basic-User

    Manuel Rühl

      Hi Community,


      I'm referring to this Blog posting:



      "So what does unlimited sharing really mean?  This means that only one user will need to subscribe to Qlik Sense Cloud Plus to share with as many other users as desired.  The other users can register for the free version of Qlik Sense Cloud, which will now be known as Qlik Sense Cloud Basic and still fully interact with shared apps.

      For example, an analyst on a sales team can subscribe to Qlik Sense Cloud Plus and share a sales performance app with the entire sales team of 10s (or even 100s) of sales reps.  This will require only one Qlik Sense Cloud Plus subscription at $20/month with the rest of the sales team signed up for Qlik Sense Cloud Basic.  I really think this is a great deal for any group to get started with visual analytics. "


      The Cloud-Plus-User shares an App greater than 20MB (the original maximum size of a basic user), because the plus-User can create up to 50MB. What happens to the share to the Basic User ?


      Thx in advance for helpful answers!