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    New Jive interface

    Andy Weir

      Today access to the Qlik community has started being serviced by JIve interface rather than the QLik interface. It also asked to download an app but when asked  to enter the site URL it said the app wasn't supported.


      Also Points don't seem to have be allocating and questions arent being marked for the last few days.  Are there any issues with the Site your aware of?

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          Andy Hawkins

          Hi Andy,

          Thanks for reaching out. We're in the middle of some changes and updates on the mobile front. Thank you for your patience while we iron it out. 

          We're currently working on a way to make the site switch easily to desktop mode when it is preferred. Good eyes on the app prompts - in the future, those will be smoother too. It will be fixed very soon.  

          We're not showing any down nodes or issues on this end of things. I'd be happy to take a look at your points if you think there are some missing - just drop me a message with the details. 

          Thanks again for your feedback. It is much appreciated!

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            Eduardo Vazquez

            Hi use: community.qlik.com   then you can authenticate.