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    Can I use a variable created from a table that isn't linked?

    Nicholas Dufault

      Hi, fairly new to Qlikview and I'm working on building a dashboard around Spend. I have 3 types of spend loaded into 3 tables, 2 of which are linked with the last table standing on it's own without a link. If I create a variable to total the spend from the 2 linked tables, can I use it in an expression with my 3rd unlinked table?


      Lets say the variable looks like this:

      Variable Name: vVariable, Value: Sum([SpendA]+[SpendB])


      If I want to show a ratio of SpendC (unlinked table) to the total spend overall of Spend A+B and C, can I use a variable to calculate it? Something like the following? I keep getting an error saying there's no data to display.




      Any help would be appreciated.