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    Bar Graphs to take input from multiple fields(columns in db) combining those to produce single value

    Goutham V

      Hello All,


      As i am new to QlikSense, i have a task to produce the graph and which takes data from the db.


      DB Tables:




      survey_id    lender_offer_id              answer_text 

      10                       1                           Strongly Agree

      11                       1                           Agree

      12                       2                           Excellent

      13                       2                           Above Average

      14                       3                           Strongly Agree

      15                       3                           Agree


      Here is my Script:


      LOAD `survey_id`, 




          SQL SELECT `survey_id`,








      My Goal is to produce a bargraph that must produce a percentage to know how much percent of people opted to particular Option in the Survey.

      But restriction here is i must take Strongly Agree and Excellent as Strongly Agree, Agree and Above Average as Agree by totalling.

      For eg:

      In the above table total 3 persons opted for Strongly Agree(Included Excellent) and 3 for Agree(included Above Average).

      How can i do that using  QlikSense.