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    Date problem in Where clause

    Hans de Vries

      While trying to work out incremental load on a QVD, I ran into the following problem:


      First I created a QVD file with all records. Then I do a database read and store the result in a resident table. To concatenate new records into my QVD, I do a where clause on the resident table, finding records which have been added since last QVD creation time.


      So, I read the creation time into a variable, like this (and this works fine):


      Let vAanmaaktijd = num(QvdCreateTime('$(vQVDfolder)TopDesk\QVD TopDesk Versionated.qvd'));



      The contence of $(vAaanmaaktijd) = 42844,561724537

      After the database load I try to do the following:


      Concatenate (Stamtabel) LOAD * Resident TopDesk_Wijzigingen
      where num([Datum aanmaak]) > $(vAanmaaktijd);
      Drop table



      When reloading I get the following error message:



      What am I doing wrong? the field Datum aanmaak (creation date) is in format DD-MM-YYYY hh:mm:ss