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    Data Disappears when [Delivery Year] Selected

    Justin Dallas

      Hello Everyone,


      I'm having a problem similar to the one I had yesterday, whereby when I select a [Delivery Year] all the Expressions using


      Sum({<[Delivery Year] = {$(=max([Delivery Year])-1)}>} [Total Travel Miles])


      disappear from my chart. I'm not sure if this has anything to do with my field [Delivery Year] being a "Master Dimension" or not.


      When I open my chart, and I don't select anything other than the Bill To Id, I have the sum of miles for 3 years.  Max([Delivery Year]), Max([Delivery Year]) - 1, Max([Delivery Year]) - 2.





      This is the correct data.  HOWEVER, when I select a [Delivery Year] = '2017', I lose the last two years and only keep the Max(Year).




      Why does my data disappear?  I was under the understanding that the Bar Chart wouldn't care about what [Delivery Year] was set to, but would only care about the results of the Set Analysis.



      Any help is greatly appreciated.