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    Can I transfer the Sheets from One qvw to another keeping script same?

    Sravan Puppala

      Hello Guys,

      1) I have two qvw data. These are almost same but different Versions. I have the same script but different sheets in these two qvw Data. I want to send the sheets from one qvw to another. is it possible?

      2) I know that the script can be transfered from one qvw to another. Is it also possible to transfer other than script the entire structure(eg. Macros, Variables, sheets etc)?

      I have a Problem where I have a qvw, which has correct key figures which I wanted and other qvw, which has wrong keyfigures..I could not debug where the problem is. I copied the script from the correct qvw in the form of qvs and made it run on the other qvw but the output remains the same. That means the script is Ok. I checked the Sheets, Macros and Variables. I could not sense the Problem. How can I go on with this Problem. Any Ideas?

      Thanks In advance.