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    Pivot table numbers change when I drill down on rows

    Mike Grattan

      I have a pivot table which I would like users to drill down on rows as follows:





                          Work Order


      The number they will be viewing is a formula, based on other formulas. The resulting number for this formula seems to change as I drill down.  Here is the formula for Total Profit/Loss:

      Net Proceeds- ValueHarvested.

      Net Proceeds is defined as Sum(GrossProceeds) - Sum(GrossCost)

      ValueHarvested is defined as (Sum(Acres) * Avg(CostPerAcre))


      The final expression looks like this:

      sum(GrossProceeds) - sum(GrossCost)) - (Sum(Acres) * Avg(CostPerAcre)


      I've done some digging around in the forums and I can't quite figure out what might be causing the numbers to change as I drill down. Could it be that I need to use Aggr? Perhaps I need to use Dimensionality? Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.


      Here's what the numbers look like before I drill down to level 3:

      Pivot numbers change 1.jpg


      When I drill down to level 3, it changes to this:


      Pivot numbers change 2.jpg

      Other numbers change too, not just the Total Profit/Loss number that I mentioned above.


      I created a separate "test" pivot table, that includes fewer measures. In the test pivot table, everything works fine:


      Pivot test numbers work.jpg



      I think it has something to do with the other measures in the "broken" pivot table; either there are too many (11), or one or more of them is causing my expression to get "confused".


      Any ideas or suggestions?