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    Nested variables in Qlik Sense

    Sarb Nyota


      I wonder if someone can help me.


      I have two user input fields variable in the app. Year and Month. When user has entered this, the value is stored in variable of vYear and vMonth.


      Then i want to take this "vYear" and "vMonth" and convert into year and month and Store value in a variable.

      vMaxMonthYearName = MonthName(MakeDate($(vYear),$(vMonth)))


      Then in the script I am calling the value of this variable by saying


      LET vMonthYear = '$(vMaxMonthYearName)';


      unfortunately this doesnt work. when i debug, i can see my vMonthYear returns me  = MonthName(MakeDate($(vYear),$(vMonth))) but i am expecting it to return the MonthYear value that the user has entered.


      Can someone help out?