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    Operating system support qlikview server version 11.20 SR12 64-bit

    Shay Guetta

      Hi everybody,

      we wont to upgrade our server and in the new server install Office2016 and Server2016.

      The question is, the operation system of version 11.20 SR12 64-bit supports these systems?


      **I will note that I have found a system setup document that does not mention support for older systems.

      So basically the question is what can go wrong with these tow systems (Office2016 and Server2016) in version 11.20 SR12 of Qlikview?


      *** The document path: http://downloads.collierpickard.co.uk/QlikView/v11.2%20SR12%20Build%2012904/QlikView%2011.2%20SR12%20System%20Requirements.pdf



      Thanks a lot!