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    Getting value for max date

    John Schmidt



      I have a problem aggregating a value from my data.

      I have found several forum posts but for some reason they dont seem to work for me.

      I guess i do something wrong.


      Im breaking my problem down to a simple example.

      This is my data:



      15, 'Warehouse1', 563

      13, 'Warehouse1', 60

      11, 'Warehouse2', 1500

      10, 'Warehouse2', 12


      Per warehouse I would now like to get the number of articles of the row with the highest id.

      So basically this:

      - 15, 'Warehouse1', 563

      - 11, 'Warehouse2', 1500


      I tried it with set analysis but i cant get it to work.

      This is the formular for the number of articles.

      On the other axis i am displaying the warehouse.




                  [ID]={'$(=max( [ID] ))'}







      Can somebody tell me what i am doing wrong?