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    Reload data NPrinting 17

    Halmar Heijnen

      Hi all,


      I am using NPrinting 17.3.1.


      I've read a lot of discussion on this forum about reloading data and the document "NPrinting 17 Reload Data Workaround.pdf".

      But i want to be sure what the current status is about this topic, since this is a document from a year ago.

      And because it is a very bizar topic(/limitation).


      If i make a report task, does Nprinting first reload my qvw or not?


      If not, why do I have to use this bizar workaround. Why not just schedule your qvw. If it is reloaded it will be saved and if NPrinting is reloading, It is as actual as the last reload...


      I hope someone can give me a clear answer.





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          Wouter Mak


          I would say:
          nprinting will not reload your QlikView Document.
          You are right. The only thing is that you have to schedule nprinting after your reload of your QlikView document. So if your QlikView document will reload at 4am and it have a reload time of 5 minutes, you can start your nprinting at 5am. You will have all data, minus the data between 4am. and 5am.