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    Data model

    Vitalii Chupryna

      In my data model I have two facts table, every table has own date field. I need to create chart that should show data from each table on one time axes. Originally those tables was linked by Item - Warehouse key, but when I created link table I found that in this case I will have incorrect data because one Item-Warehouse combination can have more than one row with data, so I created key based on three field Warehouse, Item and Date


      Item Warehouse Quantity                Item Warehouse Date Quantity

      1111  US1           10                           1111  US1          20170401  2

                                                                1111  US1          20170402  5

                                                                1111  US1          20170311  3




      Link table also contains type(table1 or table2 ) and calendar.

      My problem: when I use such key I can build necessary chart , but this key cut part of data from second table.

      For example:

      Dimension is Transaction and I want to show sum of Table2.Quantity. If I use ItemWarehouse I see all data, but if I use itemWarehouse Date I see only piece of data


      Simple example