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    Mashup Example Application

    Aadil Madarveet

      Hi All,


      I have been working on Mashups for sometime now. I have been able to build some simple mashup's with QlikSense objects.


      However, everywhere on the community and social media i see articles on Mashup, but these are the simple ones. If you check any of the mashups on the demo site, i see that they use different techniques and different libraries to build one demo application.


      For instance,



      This app is built using Jquery, Tether, Bootstrap, Aria and may be more that i have not figured out.


      I have no issues in using multiple JS libraries in one app, the problem i have is, how do i stitch this js library to Qlik native actions like selections, turning a simple list dropdown menu to act like a QS filter object. How does the LIST/HYPERCUBE gets tied to HTML elements.


      Has Qlik published any single mashup demo source code for developers to make use and inspire from the app and create their own. Could someone help me point in the right direction where i can get resources to learn this.