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    Pixel perfect table

    Chris Hopkins

      Hi all,


      i am having trouble trying to get a table in a pixel perfect report within a level (QlikView to NP17.3.1)

      basically i have a level which splits the data by 'Customer', within this level i have created a bar chart showing sales by dept. up to this point works as expected, i get a 10 page report, each page for a different customer displaying the department sales relating to that customer.

      I am now trying to add in a table which shows the top 10 selling products. this also needs to go on each page which is split by customer so it only shows the data for the particular customer that is on that page.

      I cant get this to work at all, i'm sure its something i am doing wrong but if anyone could offer any help that would be great.

      here is a screenshots of my template..




      and a screenshot of the output..




      as you can see only 1 row is appearing, it is being split correctly by the customer level though but there are 10 rows in the table in QV.

      how do i get all rows into the report?


      any help would be appreciated.