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    Ramesh Sangana

        What are all the changes in qlickview ?

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          Michael Tarallo

          Hello Ramesh - thanks for your question, unfortunately there is not enough information in your post to provide a sufficient response. Can you please clearly articulate what you would like to know. Also note that you posted this in the Qlik DataMarket Discussion forum - are you interested in changes in Qlik DataMarket with relation to QlikView?


          If not I will move this to the New to QlikView forums.





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            Daniel Berkes

            Hi Ramesh,


            it is QlikView without C .


            little history:

            "was called QuikView. "Quik" stood for "Quality, Understanding, Interaction, Knowledge"


            and a great vid.:

            QlikView #018: Henric Cronström - A Historical Odyssey - YouTube