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    How to connect QlikSense Desktop to a dropbox file (or any other cloud based drive)?

    Anat Dagan

      I am a QlikSense Desktop user (version3.1 SR4)

      I spent the last 2 hours trying to find instructions on how to connect a Qlik sense desktop app to a cloud base drive such as drop box but couldn't find anything.

      Does anyone have a link to a tutorial or detailed instructions?


      I understand that there should be Qlik Web Connectors available when I set up a new connections but i can't find them on my QlikSense. this is the list I see for available connections:

      I wanted to download the web connectors package (although I understand they should be included by default) but my customer download page only shows me the following options (I don't know why it's offering me only Qlikview related stuff. i am a QlikSense Desktop user):


      I am sure it's an easy task to accomplish with "just a little help from my friends"

      thanks in advance!