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    Include more info in an Export than is visible in QlikView?

    Friedrich Hofmann



      I have a rather complex analysis where I basically compare two large files. As one result from that matching, I now have a small table with IDs from both of the original tables. Obviously I cannot link that table to both original_tables at the same time, so I decided to leave it like it is. For further info, someone would have to export it to Excel and do a VLOOKUP on the base Excel_table.


      For the analysis in QlikView, I decided to just make a "frame" from several line_objects and put inside several simple listboxes, that is the most flexible method to look at individual items. So I have one listbox for the ID from one original_table and another for the ID from the second original_table. Only, for the export to Excel, I'd like to have both in one - I know that could be done by adding the second ID as a formula to one of the listboxes, but on the QlikView_GUI I'd rather keep it separate - so I'd like to have that invisible, but available for an export. Is that possible?


      Thanks a lot!

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