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    Function above

    Mohamed Azmi

      Hii my friends


      I Have problem with above I want skip Just Year='2014' and not janv/2015


      Thanks if someone have solution.




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          Sandro Pividori


          You should create a dimension that is Month-Year or solve it in the load script.

          I do not know any other way to solve it.



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            Mohamed Azmi

            Hi spividori


            I dont understand what you mean for that I think I have problem with my expresion


            (Sum({<Marque={'NA'}>}Qte) /above(Sum({<Marque={'NA'}>}Qte)))-1


            for skipped Just Year='2014'



            and for globality my function is calcul if

            year is 2014 Calcule is ('2014'/2013)-1 I use above for not calculed 2013 because I haven't

            and if year='2015'   calcul is (2015/2014)-1

            and if year='2016' calcul is (2016/2015)-1

            and if year='2017' calcul is (2017/2016)-1