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    Select Values by condition in Qlik Sense

    Marco Hamacher

      Hi there,


      I am having some trouble with data selections in Qlik sense desktop.
      First of all, is there a comprehensive overview for all functions? The Qlik Help seems a little obscure to me.




      One of my problem is, I want to show values in a diagram where a corresponding value is unique. e.g.

      Col1   Col2

      a          x                                   a          x

      a          x                                   b          y

      b          y                                   c          y

      b          y               ->    

      b          y

      c          y

      c          y


      So I want to filter for distinct values in Col1 (which I can do by DISTINCT) but I want to show the frequency of the values in Col2.

      which would be x=1, y=2

      Is there maybe something like Rs [] selector in Qlik Sense?


      I am glad for any input.