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    Dimension limit for middle result

    Filippo Besana


      I have a classic bar chart showing Product Category in axis X and sum(SELLING_PRICE) in axis Y ordered by Y-Value descending.

      I need to divide this chart in 3: Top Performing, Mid Performing, Bottom Performing depending by Y-Value.

      My unique selection is Period because in each period I don't sell same PRODUCT_CATEGORY and I need to show only PRODUCT_CATEGORY sold in selected Period.


      My Idea is making 3 charts , the first with Top N , the 3th with Bottom M , the 2nd with Medium P Product Category performer.

      I create a Variable

           vTotal = Count( distinct {<PERIOD={$(vCurrentPeriod)}>} PRODUCT_CATEGORY)

      , calculated N  for 1st chart:

           vN = Floor(vTotal /3)

      , calculated P

           vP = Floor(vTotal /3)

      , calculated M

           vM = vTotal - vN - vP


      So, for first chart I used Dimension Limit for TOP vN elements, for 3th chart I used BOTTOM vM elements... and for 2nd chart?

      How can I select elements in the middle?

      Could I define a PRODUCT_CATEGORY set including all PRODUCT_CATEGORY not in 1st chart and not in 3th chart?


      Someone has few suggestion for do this?


      I'm using QlikView 11.20