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    Qlik Sense Desktop vs. Qlik Sense Enterprise (Hub)

    Jessica Tung

      Hi I am confused about the use cases of Qlik Sense Desktop vs. Qlik Sense Enterprise (Hub).

      When should I use which product?

      What is the best practice of development workflow from design to publish utilizing these two products?



      This is what I found on help page:

      Comparing versions of Qlik Sense

      There are some differences between Qlik Sense Desktop and Qlik Sense Enterprise:

      l You can only run Qlik Sense Desktop on your local Windows computer - use of multiple screens or

      tablets, for example, is not supported.

      l Apps cannot be published, and because of this, there is no support for streams.

      l You can share apps using Qlik Sense Cloud.

      l Security functionality is not supported.

      l There is no autosave function - you have to save your work manually by clicking Save in the toolbar.

      The app is automatically saved when reloading the script.

      l Duplicating apps is not supported in Qlik Sense Desktop.

      l Qlik Sense Desktop will run in the language of your operating system and the language cannot be


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          Mark Ritter

          If you have Qlik Sense Enterprise I have found that it is best to develop apps using that instead of the Desktop.  But there may be times when you are not connected or want to build something just for yourself where the Desktop makes sense. 


          Moving apps and managing them is more difficult if they are being done with the Desktop.


          As you mentioned there are some differences between the versions. 


          The Desktop is a free version I believe intended mostly to introduce people to Qlik.  It is not a method for creating, sharing, and managing apps across a business.

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            Alexander Korsikov

            for product development better use QS Server.

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              Andy Weir

              Both desktop and server are full versions of the Sense tool. 


              I'd use desktop to prototype your App you can install extensions and try things without the worry of breaking something on production.


              At some point you are going to want to share your app with others for feedback.


              Cloud is an option if your app doesn't use extensions but I'm guessing you are planning on deploying into the server environment.


              When you import into the server you can then decide if you want to have a dedicated test stream in between your production environment or just publish into your production stream for review with the app designated as test.


              Hope this helps




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                Jessica Tung

                Thank you all! What's the best practice to move apps developed with Desktop to server environment? Manually move .qvf to server through windows explorer?


                For the use cases of Desktop, as Andy said, one could be building prototype; the other I think of is to building apps offline while commuting on the train. I am looking for a robust/correct way to exchange files between laptop and server environment.